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Almalence licenses HDR to Imagic

Almalence licenses HDR to Imagic

Imagic AG, an industry leader in digital image management systems for professional environments, has obtained a license to use Almalence HDR solution in its products.

HDR functionality is much in demand in professional imaging areas such as microscopy, medicine, science and industry. Being a leading provider of image management systems, Imagic has been looking for a top-quality HDR solution to be incorporated in their software. The key points were a top-level professional quality of HDR fusion and tone mapping and the highest possible processing speed.

Having performed an extensive testing, Imagic has chosen Almalence as a provider of HDR solution. Almalence was able to quickly deliver the SDK that is easy to incorporate into an imaging software and also to make custom changes according to Imagic’s specific requirements.

“Almalence is proud to be a provider of imaging solutions to the industry leaders,” Almalence CEO Eugene Panich says. “This proves our leading position in imaging technologies and outstanding features of our solutions.”

About Imagic
Imagic Bildverarbeitung AG is a Swiss company focused on the development and distribution of Digital Image Management Systems for professional environments. Based on a long-term experience of thousands of successfull installations and a strong focus on the market areas of industry, medicine/science and media management, Imagic is in a position to offer flexible and customer-specific image management solutions for all kinds of requirements.

About Almalence
Almalence Incorporated is focused on developing cutting-edge digital image processing technologies. Its business model includes technology licensing, development of end-user products and providing custom R&D.